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Reference program

Refer a friend, family member, colleague or neighbor and receive vouchers redeemable at the delivery of the client's Bonneville Home referred. Vouchers are applicable on a variety of materials available at the Design Centre. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

  • 1st Reference: $400 vouchers
  • 2nd Reference: $800 vouchers
  • 3rd Reference: $1,200 vouchers
  • 4th Reference: $2,000 vouchers
  • Following Reference: $2,000 vouchers

Terms and conditions

In order to qualify the reference must conform without exception to all the terms and conditions of the program listed below:

  • To be valid, the client must be referred before a purchase offer is signed.
  • The reference must be submitted electronically through the website reference program page before signing a preliminary contract1.
  • Vouchers must be signed by the Representative and approved by the Director.
  • To validate a reference, Bonneville Homes reserves the right to contact the potential buyer to ensure that he has been referred by the referent.
  • The reward will be given within 2 working weeks after the delivery of the buyer's Bonneville Home.
  • Bonneville Homes reserves the right to reject a reference if the terms and conditions are not fulfilled.
  • The Bonneville Homes reserves the right to modify and / or cancel this program at any time.

PDF version of the terms and conditions

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