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November 20, 2019

Dany Bonneville at a conference for Stratégie PME

How does philanthropy contribute to business growth? This is the question our co-president Dany Bonneville answered at a conference held today as part of the 8th edition of Stratégies PME in Montreal. Invited to share his expertise on the subject, Mr. Bonneville is in good position to salk about it, because since almost 15 years, the Bonneville the family dedicates as much time and energy on its business mission than its philanthropic one.

The National Philanthropy Day happenning on November 15th, Bonneville Homes was proud to celebrate its philanthropic mission. Whether it's supporting the sick children with the Children Miracle Network, creating more survivors with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, stimulate the research with the Alzheimer Society of Montreal, or support our young student athletes and help them become the leaders of tomorrow with the FAEQ. The Bonneville family has transformed the lives of many Canadian families.

"It allowed us to meet many amazing people who touched us very deeply. At the and of day we wonder if we didn't receive more then we gave", declares our co-president Dany Bonneville.

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