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Housing projects

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Available lots


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CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
St-Tite-des-Capsdu Pont9 X 24445$0-Learn more
Rue des Cormorans4 721 86459 X 011635$74,250-Learn more
Rue des Cormorans4 721 86565 X 06479.87$51-Learn more
Rue des Cormorans4 721 882164 X 011076$74,800-Learn more
rue Belmont39743 X 1386103$72,600-Learn more
rue Belmont39343 X 1506743$74,800-Learn more
rue Belmont38943 X 1617179$78,100-Learn more
rue Belmont38542.65 X 07707$79,200-Learn more
rue Belmont38143 X 1878355$80,300-Learn more
rue Belmont40143 X 06114$73,700-Learn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
Cap-SantéNoreau3639 X 1086856$41,800-Learn more
Cap-SantéMéandre6095.14 X 118.115780$41,800-Learn more
Cap-SantéMéandre6449 X 1576437$47,300-Learn more
Cap-SantéMéandre6849 X 1808062$43,780-Learn more
Cap-SantéMéandre8023 X 19012679$56,100-Learn more
Cap-SantéMéandre8139 X 13410129$52,800RéservéLearn more
Cap-SantéRue Méandre8539 X 19012712$53,900-Learn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Étandard4 792 274466 X 19766037$54,780-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Fief4 792 275164 X 37159282$43,780-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Fief4 792 276338 X 16459245$55,000-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Marie-Renée4 792 282292 X 27678146$65,780-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Marie-Renée4 792 283272 X 16445557$32,780-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Cécilia4 792 306287 X 16447135$43,780-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Cécilia4 792 319256 X 31269847$63,800-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Goélette4 792 320181 X 26151925$49,500-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Goélette4 792 323176 X 27949073$48,180-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Cécilia4 792 324316 X 30856338$54,780-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Goélette4 792 325485 X 13768501$64,680-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Goélette4 792 327151 X 21351947$54,780-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Claudia4 792 341328 X 26286553$65,780-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Fief4 792 683164 X 26951667$76,780-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Fief4 792 248354 X 25946662$54,780-Learn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
Sept-Ilesrue de l'Église65 X 1308708$26,800-Learn more
Sept-IlesRue Mars29565 X 1318578$32,450-Learn more
Sept-IlesMontigny36765 X 1147814.63$29,500-Learn more
Sept-IlesMontigny37765.62 X 114.837814.63$34,900-Learn more
Sept-IlesMontigny38765.08 X 114.837814.63$29,500-Learn more
Sept-IlesMontigny40775.46 X 114.838815.63$34,900-Learn more
Sept-IlesMontigny42775 X 1158815.63$39,500-Learn more
Sept-IlesMontigny43765 X 1157817.63$39,500-Learn more
Sept-Ilesrue Montigny44765 X 1157817.63$43,450-Learn more
Sept-Ilesrue de l'Église65 X 1308708$24,800-Learn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 59690 X 18016146$49,500-Learn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 597183 X 18022196$54,780-Learn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 598100 X 15015290$38,390-Learn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 602108 X 15116146$54,780-Learn more
BromeChemin Valley180.45 X 246.0745200$0RéservéLearn more
BromeChemin Valley180.45 X 262.4848400$0RéservéLearn more
BromeChemin Valley180 X 36166700$0RéservéLearn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
ChelseaChemin du Croissant19 X 58502$119,900-Learn more
ChelseaChemin du Croissant7 X 111644$129,800RéservéLearn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
Chicoutimirue Fernand-Gilbert1759 X 985984.73$81,694-Learn more
Chicoutimirue Fernand-Gilbert7869 X 986882$87,057-Learn more
Chicoutimirue Fernand-Gilbert7972 X 987147$90,640-Learn more
Chicoutimirue Fernand-Gilbert8072 X 987115$90,750-Learn more

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